The NYX Total Control Drop Foundation Review


I’ve been on quite the foundation hunt lately which is not fun for me at all. I hate trying to look for a new foundation. Have you ever gotten excited to shop for something because its going to be new and then hate that you even tried? So far the things that fall on that list are bras, swim suits and foundations. I have really yellow undertones and it turns out that drugstore brands hardly cater to that. I’ve tried several drugstore brands and they’re either too orange or too pink on my skin. This has left me with having to shop for higher end foundations which really makes me resent trying new ones. The NYX Total Control Drop Foundation was released recently and it turns out they have a really wide range with lots of yellow shades. My favorite drugstore brand comes through for me again! 

The NYX Total Control Drop Foundation is $14.00 and can be found on the NYX website or at Ulta. At first, I wasn’t too thrilled because matte foundations and I don’t get along so I was ready to pass. I was scrolling through my Instagram feed one day and the Dupethat girls mentioned in a post that if you have dry skin, then this would actually work. WHAT?! In case you don’t know who Dupethat is, they’re a duo who run a blog providing you with the latest beauty news & swatch comparisons for a ton of products. I love them because a lot of their reviews align with how I feel about a product.

Since I’m still a college student tryna make it, I don’t have the luxury of buying every shade for swatches so I checked with them and they were totally cool with allowing me to use their picture to show you guys all of the shades. <33

I’m in the shade “true beige” and if you watched my previous video, you’ll see that I made the mistake of ordering “beige”. I specifically told myself not to get the two mixed up and did it anyway. (oh, Britney. Smh.) Don’t be like me if you need one of those two shades!

Like the Dupethat girls mentioned, it is definitely sheer to full coverage & feels very weightless. I had a slightly different experience in terms of how it laid on my skin which I’ll break down for you guys below.

So how did the NYX Total Control Drop Foundation hold up?


The first picture is of me bare face, besides the really dark brows. The second one is with the foundation on. It does a good job evening everything out with just a light layer. I like my freckles to still show through but cover up the redness.

(Do you also see the mild resemblance to Lord Voldemort in the picture with foundation? 😂 This is why highlighting and contouring is so important to me!)

Using a beauty sponge:

This is my favorite way to apply foundation.  I don’t like a lot of coverage so its the easiest way to make sure I have the thinnest layer while preventing cakeyness. It turns out that this method didn’t work out for me at all. It left me looking patchy so a lot of my redness was peaking through. I had to keep trying to reapply but the sponge would just soak it back up. I could see why the brush is always mentioned with this product.

Using the Total Control Drop Foundation Brush:

This is a synthetic angled brush which helps with reaching around all of the natural curves of your face. This method worked out much better for me. I used the dropper to put only a few drops at a time to make sure I didn’t apply too much. Somehow I still managed to put way too much around my mouth the first time so it got very cakey. I grabbed my Real Techniques Sponge , blotted that extra foundation and picked up just the right amount without getting patchy!

Hydrating Primer:

In this case I used the Laura Geller Spackle Hydrating Primer. It works more like a moisturizer without really altering the finish of a foundation. I really wanted to see how a matte foundation would hold up on my dry skin which is why I chose this one. After I applied the foundation, I noticed that there was a very slight tackiness that never quite went away.

After about an hour and half to two hours of wear I noticed that it started settling into my lines. This is a big no-no for me. I have very pronounced smile lines which is where I noticed it first. About a half hour after that, I started noticing that it also started to do the same on my forehead. I don’t have noticeable lines on my forehead at all. I just make a lot of facial expression so imagine how cute it was to see lines of foundation collected in areas across my forehead when I was expressionless. 😒 However, it didn’t accentuate the large pores I have around my cheeks which will also make or break if I like a foundation. It was a little weird to see myself looking so matte since I live for being so glowy, but I did like the velvety finish.

Luminous Primer

Ahh, my ride or die — the Becca Backlight Filter Primer. This gives me the perfect glow and prevents foundation from settling into lines and pores. It basically makes being critical of a foundation a little more difficult. Don’t get me wrong though, I have tried foundations with this primer that still clung to my dry spots and accentuated my pores. Luckily I didn’t have this problem at all with the Total Control Drop foundation. I just couldn’t handle looking so flat from the matteness. I needed that extra luminosity added back to my face & I’m so glad it was. This held up for me all day without settling into any lines.

All in all…

Everyone’s skin is different so products work differently for everyone. I found that as long as I used a brush and my Becca primer that I can wear this and it’ll work out wonderfully. I’m really pleased with this find and getting the super yellow shade wasn’t a total loss. Now I can probably buy foundations that are a little more pink and mix it. I also ended up picking up the NYX Pro foundation Mixer in white so I’ll be testing that out to see how well it makes my perfect shade. Let me know if you want to know how that turns out! I’d be happy to talk about it.

Have you tried the NYX Total Control Drop Foundation yet? If so, how did it work out for ya?

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