Peachy Blues: The New Colourpop Pressed Eyeshadows

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The bulk of this post will be about the actual experience I had when I purchased the new Colourpop pressed eyeshadows. For those of you less interested in that, I’ll mention all of the product details first.

The recent launch of their pressed eyeshadows came with a huge variety of matte, metallic and satin finished shadows. Unlike their super shock shadows, these work exactly like any other standard eyeshadow, having no issues with how you apply them. (Super shock mostly work with your fingers only.)

They’re $5 each like the rest of their individual items. The shades I bought were “Wait for it“, “Making Moves” “Lost and Found” and “Piece of Cake“. These are all matte shades and they were very pigmented, blendable and didn’t have any fallout. The texture has a creamy texture but in a way that reminds me of pastel sticks.  I really loved them, especially for the price point. If they were available in store somewhere, I’d definitely go out and purchase more. Unfortunately because of my experience with them after ordering these online, I won’t be.

My issue…

I really hesitated on mentioning this because I don’t want to come off like I’m bashing Colourpop. They have a lot of great products and I was planning on continuing to purchase more to share. I recently had a really bad experience with their customer service that has made me reconsider shopping with them. While my blog is mostly designated for product reviews, the overall shopping experience is also just as important. I am definitely not saying that Colourpop is so bad that you shouldn’t shop with them anymore. I’m simply trying to make you more aware of how they handle issues. I’m sure you work hard for your money and want to know if  a company is willing to help you if something happens to the product.

As I mention in the video, I ordered the pressed eyeshadows when they first launched (mid-January). My order was lost, so from looking at the FAQ page, I found that it was best to reach out to the post office. I still thought it would be a good idea to be proactive and contact Colourpop anyway so I knew how to get this sorted out ahead of time. My biggest issue with this situation was  how they communicated. While I appreciated how quickly they responded (within 24 hours) via email, they were horrible about actually answering my questions to get it resolved. It caused a lot more back and forth and waiting it out.

For the sake of simplicity, I’ll include screenshots.

My first reaction was that they clearly hadn’t paid attention to anything I said which was really annoying. Cool… I guess I’ll just email them again since that didn’t do anything.

Again, they didn’t fully answer my question. I had already looked at the USPS site and in order to file a claim online. The package has to have insurance or else it gives you an error message stating that its ineligible to be filed. Colourpop knows their packages aren’t insured so they also have to know that this wouldn’t work. I even tried talking to my local post office about filing a claim in person but because the service is offered online now, they don’t carry the forms anymore. I’m not sure if this is true for everywhere in the country, but I assume so.

I emailed them again explaining the entire situation, which is when they finally agreed to ship out a new one. It really bothered me that they said they’d “make a one time exception”.


I work in customer service so to an extent, I understand their choice in verbiage. The reason why I didn’t like it is because they didn’t seem very willing to work with me from the beginning. I felt like given all of the information, it should be replaced, not out of exception. What happens if this were to ever happen again? Maybe thats just my interpretation but I provided proof that I clearly didn’t have it. If they just looked at the tracking number, they’d also see that it lost. To this day, it still says that the package is processing toward my house.

All in all…

I understand their concern over trying to prevent someone from stealing or taking advantage but they could’ve handled this a lot better. They also failed to mention a sorry until the very last email at the end, but by then it seemed more than afterthought than a sincere apology. Granted it wasn’t their fault, but they could’ve pretended to care a little more by throwing in an extra sentence acknowledging the frustration. For now, I’m taking a break from buying from them. Packages getting lost isn’t super common but I don’t want to buy from someone that I have no confidence in.

What do you think? Am I overreacting? Did they handle it well?

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