About Me

Hey guys! Im Britney, the gal behind the screen. Im starting this blogging journey to share my love for makeup and all things beauty related. You see, I spend way too much time watching makeup tutorials and window shopping, whilst trying to convince myself that I don’t need another peach blush or vampy-colored lipstick, etc. Or do I? So here I am, because putting on makeup is more than just part of your routine before you rush out the door, it’s an art. That extra pop of highlight or glitter cut crease gives you that extra boost before you go out because its a form of self expression and creative freedom. Whether you’re new to makeup & wanna learn more tips or you’re just looking for more ideas on this weekend’s look, I hope you’re also inspired to create & you share what you come up with, with me!


A few extra random facts about me just in case you’re curious…

I’m currently a student at UC Berkeley as a sociology major. I’m sarcastic, sassy and make way to many dirty jokes. I love lazy days, listening to the Jhene Aiko station on Pandora & trips to LA, especially for the Korean BBQ. I’ve watched and rewatched all of Grey’s Anatomy a good 6 times (and counting) for no reason other than I can’t part w/ the characters (specifically Cristina because she doesn’t care what you think, she’s brilliant and knows it). Also, napping is my favorite past time, ever.